LOTRO Music Stash

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Lord of the Rings Online is a popular mmo that I played for quite awhile. The game includes a pretty neat feature of being able to play music in game based on some simple computer sheet music. You and your friends (or you solo) can sit and harass others in the game while you rock out to Stairway to Heaven or some Beatles.

I did lots of research on how to import custom song files into the game and did a whole lot of work compiling a working set of music to be played in game. So basically this site is a simple tutorial site on how to get my files and put them into your game. There's also instructions on how to use the files once you get them.

Due to my minimal play time these days, this website hasn't been updated in a while. But that's ok cause there's still plenty of music to grab and the feature still works fine in game. So if you find yourself playing this game, have a gander through this site to make your playing experience more enjoyable.