We shall teach you how to play those files once you have em downloaded and installed!

The Master List

Included in every zip file there is an Excel spreadsheet. You need MS Excel or OpenOffice to be able to read it. For the folks who don't have either program, don't panic! Your good ole' buddy Wilson has got your ass covered. Just check out the HTML version of the list by going here.

Once you have your list open, by any fashion you desire, you will see a plethora of information pertaining to the music files I have bestowed upon you. Most of it is self explanatory. Some of the parts, especially the filenames and indexes, will be covered further down in this quite useful and always handy tutorial.

This list is your Bible. Print it. Memorize it. What ever tickles your fancy. I personally recommend printing it if you have the means to do so. Otherwise you'll have to either keep minimizing to look at the list for filenames or jotting down stuff on paper. If you do decide to print, make sure you print in Landscape mode. This is important. And do a Print Preview to make sure all the colums are showing up.

Choosing the Right Instrument

So one of the most important aspects of playing these songs is picking the appropriate instruments. Most solo songs are aimed for the Lute. Some are aimed at others. The multi-part songs are marked in the Master List for each instrument that is recommended. The solo songs are not marked cause really, it's up to you what sounds best.

There are many instruments in the game to choose from. Every character, except Minstrels, starts out with 1-2 instruments that they can learn. Minstrels can learn them all right away. Non-Minstrels will have to seek out a capable Minstrel to teach you the other instruments, such as the Bagpipes or Drums. But everyone gets the Lute from the get-go so most of these solo songs will sound great with the good ole' Lute.

Music Mode

This section is short and sweet. Once you have your instrument chosen, make sure it's equipped. Then it's just a matter of this simple command...


Hard huh?

Playing with Yourself

Now that you are in music mode, you are ready to play some music. This is done with a pretty easy command which I will list below through the use of an example. I love examples.

Look at your list and choose a solo song you would like to try. For my example I will be using Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles. Because, well, it's frikkin Eleanor Rigby. I shall find it on my list and make note of the filename. That's all you need to know for the solo songs is the filename. The index numbers don't mean squat for solo tunes.

To play my chosen song (while in music mode) I will use this command...

/play beatles/rigby-solo

If I had chosen to create a subfolder called "Wilson" like I discussed in the installation section, my command would be...

/play wilson/beatles/rigby-solo

The reason you may want to create the "Wilson" subfolder is if you decide to add your own downloaded songs to your library. By putting them in a subfolder, it keeps this collection free and clear from your own. Your files would go in the "Music" root directory or another subfolder of your preferred name choice. Therefore everytime you get a new version from me you can just completely empty the "Wilson" folder and extract the new zip file to that folder.

Playing in a Band

You finally got some friends? Well, that's fantastic! Now it's time to get them to play your songs with you! That's right, WITH you!

To do this your friend(s) need to come to this site and follow the same steps to get the same music collection. Once you all have the same music files it's time to rock out.

The Master List is a whole lot more important than it was to play solo songs. This time you need to take note of the index numbers listed to the right of the list. Each instrument is represented in a single song file. So the index number is like knowing what that track number for a song on a cd is. So look at the available instrument choices for your chosen multi-part song, choose one you want to play, and take note of it's index number.

Playing multi-part songs is not a whole lot different than playing solo songs. we're just gonna add some extra statements to our play command. There are two new pieces of info. The index number and the 'sync' command. Index number chooses the corresponding instrument and 'sync' puts you in ready mode while you wait for your friends to do the same command with their chosen index number.

It's time for another example! This time I have made a friend. We shall call him Bob. Bob has agreed to play a 2 part song with me. How nice of Bob. We have decided to rock out on some more Beatles. This time we're doing Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. I have chosen to play the Lute and Bob has gracioualy accepted to play the Clarinet. We're ready for our play commands now!

My command is....

/play beatles/obladi-multi 1 sync

And Bob's command is...

/play beatles/obladi-multi 2 sync

Once we are both ready (it will say in the chat box when each player is ready), one of use (doesn't matter wich) will use this command...


Now sit back and enjoy the show.

* Like I mentioned in the Playing with Yourself section, if you have chosen to put your files in a subfolder, the above triggers will be slightly altered to represent your subfolder name.

Force People to Listen

PYou have gone through all this trouble to be able to play some groovy tunes in the game. One key thing to remember is that anyone around you in game can hear you if they get close enough to you. So get on with your bad self outside a busy Auction House or your favorite Town Square.

The problem is, some asshats can't play their instruments respectfully. So some players turn down the Player Music volume bar. So your hard earned music performances may be falling on deaf ears.

I say make people listen to you. Follow them around playing your instrument until they get the hint that you want to share your joy with them. If that doesn't work, you can try jumping up and down on their head until they notice you and then bust out your guitar. If all else fails, you could always just verbally abuse them into submission. But this seems drastic and prolly should be a last ditch effort now that I think about it.

The point is... Make People Listen to Your Shit!

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