So you have a new zip file and you don't know what to do with it? Well it's very very simple really. Even a trained monkey could do it, I believe. Actually, I'm not sure the monkey needs to be trained. But I digress. Just follow my simple and easy to read directions below. I even put it in a fancy step-by-step fashion to dazzle you all!

Step 1

Download the latest version of the LOTRO Music Stash.

Step 2

Navigate your way to your My Documents (XP) or Documents (Vista) folder.

Step 3

In your Documents folder, you should have a "The Lord of the Rings Online" folder. Open it.

Step 4

Inside your "LOTRO" folder, create a folder simply called "Music". Then, open your shiny new folder.

Step 5: Optional

In the "Music" folder, create another subfolder called "Wilson". If you have choosen to create the folder, open it. More is explained in the tutorial section on why you may want to create this additional subfolder.

Step 6

Now, you should have either the "Music" folder or "Wilson" folder open at this point. So extract all the contents from your newly downloaded zip file into your new folder.

Step 7

If, in your new folder, you see a whole ton of subfolders named after bands with a spreadsheet file in the root directory, then you are done! So move on to the tutorial section.

If you don't, well then you are silly and screwed something up so start over I suppose. And don't forget to slap yourself.

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